Saturday, May 4, 2013

The bag lady, who is my daughter

      In efforts to stop the craziness that is our Elise, who insist on wearing everything (literally!) that resembles a dress or skirt (Oh, and all at the same time); Robert hung some of the usual suspects on our dresser mirror. It has been pure torture for her to walk in our room and see them just out of her reach! He has a penchant for ruthless teasing! She has a great since of irony!

                 I give you exhibit A

                     Exhibit B

As you can see from exhibit A; the items in exhibit B have no bearing on her ability to find more articles of clothing to adorn!
     In exhibit A, She is proudly wearing, a skirt, shirt, leggings, dress on top of all that, her beloved silver shoes, her sisters necklace, and crown. The silver shoes are her security blanket; they must be kept within sight if not on at all times. You try taking them off her at bedtime. NOT pretty! One night Robert and I were snuggling on the couch and we hear Elise at the top of the stairs whining for her daddy. He goes up there to tuck her back in, make sure she's okay; like to good father he is, only to find out "I can't find my offer (other) silver slipper, it lOOOOsT!!" To which his response is "Seriously! Go to bed"!

                      Exhibit C

      Elise and her trophies. Many, many bags... she can't get enough bags! We are in SOOOOO much trouble as she becomes more of a clothes horse. 

     In conclusion: Anyone who wants to donate to the Keep Elise Clothed Fund is more than welcome!
All I have to do is teacher the the lyrics to Mary Poppins' Feed The Birds (Tuppence A Bag)!

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