Thursday, May 9, 2013

Theme Thursday: Mom

One of these weeks I'll get fancy and use one of the two Really nice Cameras my husband bought for me and let go of my go-to IPhone camera in hopes to give you a better pic. I say what I mean and I mean what I say; so believe me when I tell you; "one on these weeks" just not this week.

Robert was gone on retreat all weekend so it was just me and the three and I tried to plan activities to keep us from missing him too much. I had great success! It was Saturday night, when a group of lovely girls were at the house to help my sister (who is getting married in September) work on her invites that I became aware of how much SUCCESS I had. The girls were annnnything but compliant! I knew their behavior was partly my fault. They had reached the point of NO return. Thankfully they recovered quickly and I had the common sense to realized I over stimulated them with so many activities and people. 
 Plus, what little girl (IN THEIR RIGHT MIND) would want to go to bed when there was wedding planning and invites to be made?! I couldn't blame them.

So, on Sunday I planned to reconnect with the girls. We were having company for dinner and there was lots of baking to be done. I took the opportunity the have them help make rolls.
 Now, IF you are family, Especially IF you are from my husbands side, you know what rolls I'm talkin about....


Okay, for those of you on the outside looking in, MARGARET'S ROLLS are LEGENDARY! (soooo, let's pretend that every time I say "Margaret's Rolls", it sounds like the words are echoing back to you from the great open vastness of the Grand Canyon). My mother-in-law makes MARGARET'S ROLLS. The recipe was passed down to her from a family friend named (you guessed it) Margaret.

 There's a certain technique and finess that goes into the art of making Margaret's Rolls. One can not merely duplicate them without the insight and knowledge learned from The Master Baker herself, my mother-in-law. The making of these rolls are science meets intuition at its' culinary finest.

Unless you are one of the lucky few who becomes an apprentice to The Master Baker, these EPIC roll can only be replicated and NEVER duplicated. Once word on the street gets out that you have completed your apprenticeship and are worthy to make MARGARET'S ROLLS SOLO, you will be the most popular of all the land and asked to bring them to any dinner part you attend. 
It is a high honor!

Soooo, without further a due I present to you..............

The picture of Marie and me making MARGARET'S ROLLS together. 

Disclaimer: Sorry!!! I am not at liberty to divulge the recipe, but if you ever visit The LOU, I will gladly have you for dinner and proudly make them for you. These dinner rolls surpass all dinner rolls and should NEVER, I repeat! NEVER be kept from enjoyment!

Below is a "not so recent" picture of The Master Baker and the next generation of apprentices, Marie and Elise.

Happy Mother's to you and yours from all of us at A Clan's Tale! 
Hope to see your pics over at Clan Donaldson


  1. I am always intrigued by families who have secret recipes. Me, I can't keep my mouth shut, so whenever I make something good, I blab the whole thing within 5 minutes.

    And now I want rolls.

    1. :) Sorry, I kinda knew this post would make people want rolls. Maybe one day I'll record a tutorial of how to make Margaret's Rolls. It's not necessarily a secret but more of an art as to how to make them turn out just right.

  2. Such a cute picture of you and your daughter!