Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day full of pics and clicks

I know what I'm about to say is going to sound snide and uncharitable so bare with me.

When Robert and I were discussing dinner ideas for Mother's Day, (which ended up being a list of all the things I didn't want, God love the man because this is typical) I realized Mother's Day has become a big day for Dads to "step it up" and cook so Mom doesn't have to. For me and other moms out there whose husbands like to cook; having them cook on Mother's Day is like declaring Mother's Day is just another ordinary day. In my case, I do as much cooking as my 4 year old. Okay, I do more, but not by much.

Now throw in this commonly (Jokingly? Snarky!) statement from my husband "Your not MY mother".
And, well, you have a recipe for one mom, me, wondering (out loud to said "snarky" husband)
"How is Mother's Day going to be special for me"?
(See a selfish and an uncharitable thought, to which many of you are thinking spoiled much!) Yea, I am spoiled. I know this. My husband goes to great lengths to keep us fed and well fed at that. We have cooking magazine subscriptions and awesome cookbooks to ensure there is always something new to try. Also, in Robert defense, he pointed out that if Food was a love language, IT would be mine. (But, it's not, so lets call it a hobby?) It's true Food=quickest way to my heart. Though we have to eat and as the world turns in our lives, he will cook and I will clean up the mess. That's how it works around here.

With our oldest being 4, I was content with the idea that dinner was going to define Mother's Day this year. So I thought!  Marie (4) decided she wanted to buy me a present (with her own money) and since Elise (2) does EVERYTHING her big sister does, she was all in. Then, last week Robert's mother and youngest sister picked our girls up to take them shopping and to spend some time together. Double Bonus! Marie, who can't keep anything a secret to save her life, did an amazing job at keeping her lips sealed on all details revolving a gift. I didn't even  get so much as a hint to what she and Elise picked out. They anxiously awaited for Saturday to arrive so "they"(i.e. Robert) could wrap my gifts. (MY dearest Anne, your brother DOES know how to wrap and thus we BOTH have been Hoodwinked)!!!!! 
Anyways, my lowest of all 5 Love Languages is receiving gifts (and if you don't know what the 5 Love Languages are,Click Here , it will forever change your life, I promise) but since it was from the girls the notion that the girls put effort and thought into buying me gifts became sentimental. My second highest Love Language is quality time. Robert knows this and went against his above hilarious quote and asked what kind of outing I wanted to do as a family. NOW! WE'RE REALLY TALK'N THE LANGUAGE I LOVE!!! QUALITY TIME!!!

Here is what my LUCKY self got to do this weekend for Mother's Day and how this day became very special indeed!

We took the kids on a pilgrimage to visit Robert's sister, Mary, who passed last summer from cancer.  (Which you and elegantly read about Here on my SIL blog). Mary is one rock'n godmother to our Elise and our Marie shared countless hours of quality time with her. Marie often talks to Mary and asks for her intersession and misses Mary a great deal. So this was a WIN for everyone. I couldn't have picked a more lovely place to pray the family rosary. After our pilgrimage I wanted to go to this place.

Robert and the girls with a friend visiting Crown Candy (2011)

                                                                  Crown Candy

 This St. Louis Gem was P.A.C.K.E.D with the entirety of ALL of St. Louis. The line to bust through their door was around the block. Well, as delicious as their BLT sandwiches and homemade ice cream are... lunch time was looming near for the clan as was the essential "quiet and rest time". There was NO time to wait.

SO, we ventured to my second favorite place. 

To eat beignets!!!!!!!

And Have lunch

Muffaleta sandwich

And Eat some more beignets! 

And take a small photo op

Happy, Even though he didn't eat any beignets

We finished our day with a delicious meal; made by Robert, of course, and great company. A Mother's Day fit for a Queen! The family all came together to show their love and support for what I do. I still changed as many diapers that day and nursed our son until he was content (which is really never, that kid can EAT!). We still disciplined the kids and loved them just as we do every other day. We got some special time out of Mother's Day and made memories and that's what it's really about for me. FAMILY! When Marie woke up Sunday morning, she rushed downstairs to greet me, She said "Happy Mother's Day, Mom"! And gave me the biggest hug ever. As I laid my head on top of hers, my reply was: "Thank you, if it wasn't for you and your siblings, I wouldn't be a mother"! Then we got to presents!!
A special Thanks to my husband for all the hard work and sacrifices he made on Mother's Day and if it wasn't for him either...I wouldn't be a mom.

We hope you ALL had a wonderful Mother's Day and made some memories of your own!


  1. I'm so jelly! Haven't been to Crown Candy in years! Next time I'm in town, Promise?

    1. Agreed! It seems the only time your brother will wait in line for Crown Candy is if we have other people with us. Totally down!