Monday, July 29, 2013

MIM #9

Oak Glenn Winery (photos from our 2006 visit)
Wine. Whine. Grapes. Red. White. Vineyard. Drank. Ate. Purchased. Cooked. Baked. Thought of.
However you used or interpreted last weeks MI, wine, I hope it was F to the UN! 

I have been SO spoiled by visiting Missouri's beautiful *rolling hills* that bare fruit made for fermenting, that I've been pining for days of old. Where folks weren't slaves to time and landscapes were painted on the daily to achieve perfection in complex view points such as these. All while sipping on wine produced in their very own vineyard.

Stone Hill Winery ('06 visit)
Oak Glenn, tell me those photos don't make you want to go back in time
My BBF, myself and Robert IV at Sugar Creek Winery
Last weekend, the weekend of July 21st 2013, we celebrated my BFF's 30th birthday at Sugar Creek. This celebration in conjuntion with the previous weekends' endevour to our favorite winery, Adam Puchta , is what inspired my MI choice of wine. From the photos above, how could I not be inspired! Throw in my husbands new fond love for Jacques Pepin's French cuisine and well... you have all the inspiration this Clan needed to make a dish fit for a Lord. 

Robert found a Provencal Braised Beef  recipe and we made it together. It was right up my alley. Not. Time. Sensitive. We preped and marinated the meat on Saturday, it took no time at all because everything was quarterd. On Sunday, early afternoon, we made up the gravy which was the most time consuming aspect of the dish. We then placed the meat and gravy into the oven and let it cook for a few hours. The aroma filled the house with scents of fall and though warm weather is my favorite, there's nothing more cozy then the smells and feelings of fall with out the cold! This was my Utopia! 

We served the sish with a side of roasted carrots and potatoes along with our famous Margaret's Rolls

base for marinade

meat scored and fat salt prepped

alcohol used 

Entire bottle of wine from above photo went in

Making the rue for the gravy then meat went back into dutch oven

Our Gravy/Fat Separator was hard at work
finished beef provencal and wine served with dinner
I could tell you we didn't drink or celebrate our way through this weekend but that would be False. 
Date night Thursday, Poker night Friday, Meat & Potatoes Saturday @the in-laws for a going back to collage shindig and More Meat & Potatoes for Sundays family dinner with some close friends. Total Blast. If only my babe slept better I wouldn't feel so exhausted. 

I don't know if Jessica will be participating this week since she is in Michigan but Anne is choosing next weeks MI. Check'm!

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Go fourth and be inspired.

Mystery Ingredient Monday #9

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Theme Thursday:Askew

      Joining Cari At Clan Donaldson  for this weeks theme. 

You can thank my kind hearted husband who is alway good for a laugh. This is his idea of fun and wit because he knows it drives me all kinds of bat-crap-crazy! When we first married and had to sleep in the same bed. There was a lot to adjust to. Like his snoring..thank you CPAP for taking that obnoxious sound away. Then there is the fact he will get into bed and mess the blankets up. On purpose. Because he know my OCD will kick in... I've become his "lab rat" as he practices, without a license, Psychopathology techniques on me in efforts to cure my psychosis. After 6 1/2 years of marriage. It. Still. Drives. Me. Insane! 

Here's how this plays out. 
I come to bed and straighten the sheet, quilt, and pillows. He comes to bed. Kicks them all around. Pulls my side of the blankets off of me. I get up, readjust all the covers. If he is daring, as in, he believes I may not stuff a soiled diaper in his pillowcase, he will askew the blankets again. I know it's all his obnoxious loving way of being flirtatious. I guess he gets points for knowing when he may get the diaper and not push me too far too often. 

Guess which side of the bed is his?

Now go check out Cari and all the other linkers to see much prettier pictures and probably stories!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Mystery Ingredient Monday #8

Welcome back to MIM. Jessica's MI was Mustard. So, I hope you all fancy it as much as we O'Briens' do. 

If there's one thing I've learned since marrying into the O'Brien family is that they are ALL wicked competitive! You will NeVer! see me play a game of Monopoly with any of them. There was a first and it was my last.
The O'Briens are quick, ruthless and enjoy annihilation far too much. So, when Jessica threw down a dessert challenge, Robert was all over it.  
First, let's point out the challenge was called upon me, directly, by name. "Tasha" not to be confused with "Robert". No? You don't see how that could be confusing either? Goooood. Because apparently when two become one in the Holy Spirt, my husband takes that as "in all areas of everything". Or so I'm guessing, because he sure suited up and took charge of the conquest before I could even finish saying my name. With in minutes, he found a recipe, was making a grocery list, and checkin' it twice.
This was the only dessert I allowed this week. I just couldn't mustard muster any more sugar. 

Their images are much better looking!

The stout we used then consumed 
toffee/ contains 1TBS of mustard
Multi Layers under there.
The recipe was good. Extremely rich and definitely not low cal.
Remember a few weeks ago I made the outlandish claim that we have an entire refrigerator shelf dedicated to mustards?                    
 Behold the shelf.
The Inglehoffer Sweet Hot Mustartd with Honey is what we used in the recipe
How did I participate this week? 
I used these mustards on sandwiches, pork apple sausages, deli meats, and burgers.
We also made my favorite twice baked potato recipe that calls for powdered mustard.

Check out what Anne whipped up in her kitchen and don't for get to add your link to Jessica's Blog.
As always; (If you want to play along but don't have a blog, instagram or tweet it #mysteryingredient, or tag us in a facebook post about your dish so we can marvel your creativity.) 

I'm feeling a bit spunky this weekend and I have been totally spoiled by the fruits of Missouri's vineyards the past two weekends, I thought would could all unite for next weeks MI=Wine! 

Remember, no rules so anything goes. 
Go Fourth and be inspired.
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Theme Thursday: Bright

Looking on the Brighter Side!
Joining Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday

Last weekend I had such high expectations that inevitably led to me having to admit defeat and look to the brighter side. It wasn't horrible by any stretch of the imagination; just didn't go how I wanted it to. 

Usually I can come up with a litany of ALL the things I can NOT sleep through the night, do the dishes without Lil'Man clambering onto the dishwasher, or have an exclusive husband/wife date...Or, focusing on all the things I Can do but Really Don't want to; like, laundry, cleaning the house, nursing Sir Chubbily PoopsALot for the hundredth time (it's only at the hundredth that becomes exasperating) instead of focusing on ALL the things I CAN do. Like, be a stay home mom, love and teach my kids, feed my kids, walk and talk at the same time just to list some of the essentials. To say the least, I do a poor job at looking at the brighter side of things sometimes. I'm working on it.  

So, when we had tire issues two days in a row on two different cars, while on our way to do something fun... I almost cried. Okay fine, I shed a tear or two and reminded myself that God would say..."Why not you". But, seriously... two different car-tire issues in two days? Really!

Saturday: Family Fun Day @Grant's Farm
Oh, except we didn't make it there because by the time I got everyone ready and fed and into the SUV, we discovered the flat tire.  Robert fills the slow leaking tire and we drive to Grant's Farm to discover a 1/4 mile of stopped cars just to get into the actual parking lot. Grant's Farm = Foiled
Moving on and adjusting to the new idea of not getting my way.

Looking on the brighter side. We can still do something fun as a family. Just NOT what I wanted. Yes, we made the best of it and hit up this Sugar Shack place for a puppet show and candy then walked to the local Farmer's Market. It was a great time together.  

Sunday: Husband/Wife Winery Date @Our Favorite Winery: Adam Puchta
My parents wanted to take our girls for the afternoon, so Robert and I decided to take the Lil' Man on a scenic dive (1 1/2 hrs away) to our favorite Winery. 
The plan: I got up early and went to mass, Robert was going to 11:30 while I fed the girls lunch and got them down for a short nap before my parents picked them up. Everything was going to plan, until Robert calls me to tell me he needs a new tire. There's a small whole in it. No, it won't retain any air. Oh. And he missed Mass because of it. Tears Shed. Winery date ruined. The whole world is going to end. We both were looking forward to an after/evening of fun together. 

Looking on the brighter side. After some phone calls to my MIL and tire shops, we have a new plan. It's not the plan I wanted but it would work. No, we couldn't check out the other wineries in the area and no, we wouldn't have time for a fancy dinner before Robert needed to be back for a 7:30pm Spanish Mass. But, we could still go to our favorite winery and we found a Sears that carried the tire we needed for Robert's car. We could drop off the car and pick it up later in the evening. 

Getting to the winery. CHECK
Find/replace tire. CHECK
Girls still going to have fun with grandparents. CHECK
Lil'Man going to sleep the whole way to winery. CHECK
Robert can still get to Mass even with the winery trip. CHECK 

See me looking on the brighter side?!

See Sir Chubbily looking of the brighter side at said winery?!  Yippee for all the things I CAN DO! 
Check out how everyone else interpreted todays Bright theme.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Love Story Pt. 1

A good love story is always a pleasure to read. It makes me feel like we (Robert and I) aren't the only ones who have found soul mates and are now living in such marital bliss. The world needs more Simace and Annark's (yes Anne, I went there, sorry. Not sorry). So, I'm linking up with Grace at Camp Patton to present to you...

Our Story: Part 1

The first time I laid eyes on him (Robert), I was too busy to appreciate his true beauty. Sure, the guy I saw standing before me was attractive but the hustle and bustle of lunch rush at Bread Co needed my attention far greater than the guy snagging my clip board without explanation of who he was and what he thought he was doing with said clip board. I hastily grabbed it from his one handed grip. Snakily asked what he thought he was doing, gave a very overly exaggerated and very obnoxious eye roll, furrowed my brows and promptly marched my little But mighty self down to the sandwich line. I remember looking back and feeling a bit of remorse. I was a tad rude and he did seem to know some of the crew I was working with. Plus he was handicapped. Well not in the way you are probably thinking, so allow me to clarify. His right hand was bandaged up real nice and tight. Hence, why I pulled that clipboard from a one handed grip. (The hand injury becomes an integral part of Our Story, so you'll have to keep reading to discover how). Anyway, Mr. Handsome and all his God-given cuteness, and fragrance of something from heaven was out the door and out of my life as soon as a took a second glance back. Oh, well. No loss to me I thought. You see, I was in the mist of this whole discovering who I was and therefore didn't want any man in my life at that particular time. So, playing nice with the opposite sex was not my strong suit. 

Sooner rather than later, in walked Mr. Handsome with his hand still bandaged. Instead of downing his jeans and black leather jacket as before, he was sporting a polo shirt and asking for my boss. Crap! Guess who worked at "my" Bread Co back in his teenage days and knew people? Guess who was working with me now. Nice Tasha. Real smooth. (Like butter)

Our work days didn't really over lap and he went to another location to help out so I didn't find myself thinking of him until mid December (2003). Somehow we ended up working a lot of the same shifts. He was playful and charming. Upbeat, fun, and a bit cocky obnoxious. I was warned by a female employee who had worked with him in his teenage years that he was indeed cocky, conceded and arrogant. I should stay away. This struck me odd. Why would she warn me. After all, I still didn't want to date anyone and I was positive I wasn't giving off the impression I did. It was true, his presence did make my work day go by faster but we had no real conversation going. I knew nothing of his life nor he knew nothing of mine. We made no attempts to connect in a manner that would make one believe we were interested in each other. Or so I thought. Looking back at his shenanigans; I can see how they may have been portrayed as flirtatious. To me though, they were annoying. Like, when he started pushing buttons on my register while I was taking a customers' order simultaneously calling me short. Or, holding things above my head and giving a sly smile that just beckoned my inner attitude to strike out. He was frustrating and annoying and little by little he began to break down a Huge wall. He was rarely serious. Always humorous. And plain good o' fun.
(A note from Robert per reading this. He assured me his one attempted at flirting was a failure and that was all he needed to know. No further pursuing was attempted). 

One day we found ourselves in a short conversations and the topic of his sisters' wedding came about; he mentioned he would be taking some time off, which prompted me to wonder out loud if he would be returning to work before the company Christmas Party? Or, if he was at least planning on attending? He said he would be back well before the company party (which was in the middle of January and still a good four weeks away). He promptly countered with the same question he just left unanswered. Was I planning on going to the company Christmas party? For awhile I tried to convince myself that I was just being polite by asking him if he was attending, even though I felt some conniving part of my psyche answer his question. 
"I don't think I'll be up for the Christmas Party. I'm not seeing anyone so I wouldn't have a date. Plus, I'm more the introverted type". 
That was pretty much the extent of the conversation. He didn't offer to take me nor did he encourage me to go. So, convinced I was that my polite conversation was just that. Polite conversation between two human beings. 

I don't believe we saw each other again until he returned to work; which was after the new year, yet prior to the company Christmas Party. I recall him entering the office I occupied during my shift to collect a paycheck and once again we engaged in polite conversation. I inquired about Christmas and his sisters' wedding. He must have felt more obliged to chat this time around because he squatted down and made himself quite comfortable in the tiny space. I remember looking into the depth of his brown eyes, not in a, "I'm falling for you kind of way", but more of a "WOW! He's passionate about his family" kind of way.  His eyes lit up as he spoke of his family/siblings in from out of town for Christmas and the wedding. He had such charisma while describing the little kids on Christmas and how much fun was had by all. It was then in that moment I saw him for the first time. I was able to appreciate his true beauty. I knew in that fleeting moment he was going to take me to the Christmas Party. And, he was going to think it was his idea! 

Don't get me wrong. I still had NO desire to date, but there was something about him that I wanted to discover. I figured the Christmas Party would be a perfect group setting as to not give him any ideas that I was interested in something more than getting to know one another. So, over the course of a few weeks, we managed to make a little more effort at the small talk. I danced around the Christmas Party topic with such fluidity that one would think me to be a World Renowned Ballerina. I kept asking about his stance on the subject; he would throw it back at me trying to get a read on whether or not he should bite the bullet and ask. Finally he suggested we ride together. Great. Then, not so great. "Our boss" decided she wanted to car pool with us. Awkward!? 

January 18, 2004. NOT OFFICIAL DATE to the company Christmas Party. 
The three of us corralled ourselves into his little red Honda Civic. Who do you think got thrown in the back...Hand Raised. Yup. "Our Boss" had known him since he was 16 and was so excited he came back to work for her. She had lots to catch up with him about. In efforts to not make me feel more of a three legged dog than what I was beginning to feel like; Robert tossed me his CD cases and suggested I pick something. I'm sorry, I just didn't know half of the bands in his Proud and Exstensive collection, but you know how did? Yup! You guessed it. *"Our Boss".*
As I sat in the back trying to hear the conversation about the bands over the loud music that "Our Boss" selected, I increasingly felt isolated and wondered why I put myself in this position. I was relieved when we arrived at our destination. I was looking forward to mingling with some people I knew, maybe having a drink and then getting myself out on the dance floor because this girls likes to dance! I figured Robert would wonder off and get chummy with old acquaintances, but he didn't. Instead, as we walked in, he was every bit the gentleman and focused his atrention onto me. I guess he was interested after all and my sulking self was yelling "get over it". Yes, I am quick to allow a hiccup in my plans to ruine a perfectly good time if I am not careful, but this time. This time was different. I wasn't going to scuffle my little self off and leave him in the dust. Nope. I was going to have a good time...with him. 

To be continued... 

Robert and me, Oct. 2004. How'd we get here?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mystery Ingredient Monday #7

I had such a hard time deciding how to use Anne's choice of lemons. There are so many possibilities and most of them (that I like) come in the form of a pastry or dessert. After making 3 desserts last week I thought we all needed a little less sugar this week. That helped me make my decision. Lemon Roasted Chicken was just what we needed, until Robert, our Head Chef reminded me that he doesn't like roasted chicken on a winters day; let alone on a warm summers' day meant for grilling. Okay. Back to square one. Still, my mind was made up. No desserts or pastries. Well, here we are. It's saturday night and all the recipes I want to make involve lots of sugar... i.e pastries or desserts. So, another week of sugar. Oh and some Lemon.

Quick Lemon Blueberry Coffe Cake
from the America's Test Kitchen Family Baking Book

Finished product
Mixing the topping by hand made me long for sand
Grating the lemon
If you look close, you can see the lemon zest 

My youngest SIL has become Little Suzzie Homemaker over at my in laws house. She's taken up the task of keeping everyone fed while they're home from school and decided to play along this week. Here is her entry:
Lemon Snow Pudding

If anyone would like this recipe. Send me a comment, I'll get it from my SIL and forward it on. I'm pretty sure it came from a Cook Country Magazine, but not sure which one. Sorry. 

Don't for get to link up with Anne and check out Jessica's blog for this weeks MI.
As always; (If you want to play along but don't have a blog, instagram or tweet it #mysteryingredient, or tag us in a facebook post about your dish so we can marvel your creativity.) 
Go fourth and be inspired. 

On a side note. Did you read Anne's Love Story

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Theme Thursday: Rooms

Joining Cari for Some photo fun.
It's been a year since we've move in to this house and I still don't have much decor going on. How long can one use the phrase "We just moved in so..."? I think the first 5 years. Your thoughts?
One day last April (2012), Robert came home to our then, cozy, two bedroom, one bath, old as all get out - still has a coal stack in the cement-block,. damp basement, and said the dreaded "That's it! We're moving. And before the baby comes". Whom we were expecting mid August.
With that, the search was on. We found this house and moved in two weeks before the birth of our son. Goodbye house that made my husband and baby girl sick All. The. Time. Hello, new, beautiful house. So warm and inviting. With room to grow and you don't make anyone sick.
Thanks for a new lease on life. 
Have any decorating ideas. Shoot them my way. 
 Family room into the kitchen. Before Robert's destruction during dinner. That's when the kitchen reminds me of a scene out of the Sixth Sense, where all the cabinet doors are open in a blink of an eye.
Kitchen into the family room. During nap time when the living quarters are still intact... until post nap.
A serene and tranquil space waiting to be occupied by proper entertaining furnishings.

Anne said the house is very warm and maybe some cool tones will help with that. I would like to paint the walls grey, eventually. I just can't bring myself to spend that kind of money when the walls were freshly painted before we moved in. Any ideas are more than welcome in the decor arena.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mystery Ingredient Monday #6

Last week I choose Peaches as the MI and ever since I have not been able to get the lyrics to Peaches by the band Presidents of the USA out of my head. I keep singing... Millions of Peaches, Peaches for me, Millions of Peaches, Peaches for free...and I won't bore you with the rest of the lyrics floating in my head, BUT I know them ALL. For Real! Please tell me I'm not the only one.

So Robert and I had a *"come to Jesus"* (yes, those are jazz hands)  conversation about MIM. While he is very enthusiastic about MIM and supportive; he had crossed into crazy train territory and needed to be DeRailed.  By last Wednesday, he had already picked out two recipes, executed one and was peeling peaches for the next recipe when he got "the look". Yes, I dare say, I give the look. It's kinda like this.
4th of July. Many failed attempts at a photo were everyone looked at the camera.                                          
He smiled ever so politely and said "What? You claimed you weren't going to do this recipe so I am. Would you like to finish it?"
Me: "No, I would not. I would like to go take a nap." (after two weeks of the babe not sleeping well, I NEEDED my nap)
Then when my lioness was calmly placed back in her cage, I expressed that MIM is something I wanted us to do together. Not, something he dictated to me...Hello female emotions. It was decided that I would like to have some say in picking a recipe and deciding when to make it. All inspiration is welcome. With that, I won't bore you yet again with the rest of this enlightenment.

We were ever so lucky to have the opportunity to celebrate Robert's grandfathers' birthday.
Robert's grandparents. Don't they look amazing and joyful!
Which is a big deal because my husband is one out of like 130 first cousins. No joke. When his sister, Jessica, proclaims (and I quote) "cousin to hundreds" from her bio on her blog. She means literally.
So. Lucky us indeed!
Robert made a wonderful dinner that even the two Picky-Everything is Spicy- I won't touch it with a ten foot pole eaters could not complain about. Consider their plates licked clean and awarded this dessert. Peach Puzzle: Cooks Country Magazine- April/May 2007 (email or comment if you want this recipe. It was intense to make)

The other recipe Robert made was also from a Cooks Country Magazine- June/July 2008
Rustic Peach Cake

1/4 C granulated sugar
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
2 med. peaches (peeled,pitted, cut into 8 wedges)

1 C all-purp flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 C granulated sugar
1/4 C packed light brown sugar
8 TBS unsalted butter, softened
2 Lg eggs
2 TBS sour cream
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 C dried peaches or apricots (chopped fine) 

1. For the peaches: oven rack-middle position. Heat: 350. 
    Grease 9-inch springform pan. Combine sugar and cinnamon in Med. bowl; reserve 2 TBS sugar      
    mixture. Add peaches to bowl with remaining sugar mixture and coat. 
2. For the cake: Whisk flour, baking soda, and salt in bowl. With electric mixer on Med-High speed,  
    beat sugars and butter until light and fluffy. (2 min)
    Beat in eggs, sour cream and vanilla until incorporated. Reduce speed to Med-Low. Slowly add flour   
    mixture and mix until just combined. (30 sec) Scrape batter into prepared pan. Scatter dried  
    peaches/apricots over batter, then arrange sugared peaches in circular pattern over top.  Sprinkle 
    reserved sugar mixture over peaches.
3. Bake until cake is golden brown and toothpick inserted in center comes out clean., 35-45 min. Cool  
    at least one hour.

Robert's desserts were fabulous, as always, but, if I had to choose a winner from his line up, I would have to go with the Rustic Peach Cake. He used the dried apricots in the RPC recipe and it was Um, Um, UMMM! So good. 

I prefer a crisp to a crumble or cobbler, that's not to say I won't eat and enjoy the latter. 

With that in mind, I picked this Peach Crisp recipe.
I substituted lime zest for the lemon zest because that's what I had on hand. I also used 4 inch ramekins, not 6 inch, because that's what we have. Besides, I figure the more the merrier! That's what I was taught. 

These were served up with some vanilla bean ice cream. Snuggling on the couch with my love and a little show called Lark Rise to Candleford. Love. IT!

Now you might have caught a blurb or two in reference to Peach Bombs under my comment section last Monday. There is a family story that goes with Peach Bombs but I feel Jessica should share it. So, here's to hoping she makes them and shares their special sentiment. I will however leave you with the darnedest thing about Peach Bombs.
A few years ago Robert and our family of one child, Marie, tagged along with his family to the BIG EASY. We went to visit one of his brothers and his fiancĂ© (at the time) and meet her family. It was a blast! One evening we ate dinner with the future in-laws and for dessert we were served...wait for it... Peach Bombs... From a blog called Pots and Peter Pans, the recipe was submitted by none other than... Wait for it... Our very own housewifespice, sister, sister-in-law, "cousin of hundreds, friend to thousands".  Now, we all sing in harmony: It's a small world after all. 

 Anne is choosing this weeks MI. If I were her, with morning sickness, I would probably choose macaroni and use it in arts and crafts so I wouldn't be scarred for life if said MI increased my morning sickness to the level of regurgitation.  
Check for Bombs on Jessica's blog and link up below. As always; (If you want to play along but don't have a blog, instagram or tweet it #mysteryingredient, or tag us in a facebook post about your dish so we can marvel your creativity.) 
And, yes, you can now find our Clan on Instagram. Thanks inquiring know who you are. Cari 

Go fourth and be inspired! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mystery Ingredient Monday #5

When Jessica announced Beets as her MI, I thought of the thrills this place can bring to one in need of a B&B.  It has beds and serves breakfast. 

Yes, Dwight Schrute, The Beet Farm and and his BBBG:
Battlestar Galatica.
Always a good time. While hunting for the image above I found this Trip Advisory page for all you Office fans. Enjoy.

Moving on to Beets of the roasted and tossed into a salad with asparagus, spinach and basalmic vinagare. Yum! 
Thank goodness my husband likes to cook and saved my rump on this one. All I was able to do this weekend was nurse, change and hold the 25LB sack of potatoes baby who wanted no one but me.
Robert made Bietole al Forno. We substituted the frisee salad for fresh spinach. It was delicious and can be served hot or cold. We ate it both ways and it was wonderful. 

My one of my sisters made a Roaster Root Medley at Christmas time. We didn't make it this week but have made it in the past. It is awesome and a great dish for fall/winter.
Roaster Root Medley: Serving size 4 so, make more
1 Med. sized Yam-washed and cut into 1 inch chunks
2 Lag. carrot, washed and cut into 1 inch chunks 
2 Lag. beet, washed and cut into 1 inch chunks
1 yellow onion, peeled and cut into large wedges
4 tsp. EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
salt to taste

Preheat oven to 400. 
In bowl, toss all ingredients together. Spread on a cookie sheet and bake for 40 to 50 min. or until tender, turning over once or twice to prevent burning. 

Looking forward to seeing what you all came up with. Go link up with Jessica and visit Anne(If you want to play along but don't have a blog, instagram or tweet it #mysteryingredient, or tag us in a facebook post about your dish so we can marvel your creativity.) 

Next weeks MI

Hope you all have a fun and safe Fourth of July. Now, Go Fourth and be inspired. See you next week here on my blog.