Monday, August 19, 2013

MIM #12

Welcome back to this weeks MI: Strawberries

Today is my youngest BIL's birthday, the big 18. To show our appreciation to this fine young lad and ALL the selfless help he gives to our family, on the regular, we will be making him the famous Strawberry Almond Pie. 

Recipe, pics and details all coming your way... After I've made it and we have consumed it, so check back with me later for all the dets. If you follow us on Instagram, I'll post some pics. #MIM 
Until then, link it up down below. I'll be inspired by your strawberry goodies while I make mine.  

Jessica and Co made a short stop here in the Lou over the weekend and though I didn't get to spend as much time with her and the family, I hope they enjoyed all the touristy adventures they sought after. Click on over to see her Strawberry goodness...she is traveling so her post may not be up til later.
Anne is hosting next weeks MIM so check in for this weeks MI.


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  1. Wow. My poor pathetic piece of "salad?" Looks depressing around all those other photos. Bet yours will be gorgeous too, Tasha.