Monday, August 12, 2013

MIM #11

I am still protesting desserts/baking, unless someone is in dire need of sugar. Usually, that someone is me, and that dire need...Uh, not so dire but I'm trying.

Since my favorite way to consume blueberries are via any baked good. ie. Blueberry Cobbler, Buckle, Muffins, or this Blueberry Lemon Coffee Cake, which I still have one in my freezer, we elected to make Blueberry Mojitos. Another weakness of mine, mojitos. Yes, (raising and waving my hand) I am aware of the sugar in our home made simple syrup as well as the sugar in liquor. Thank you very much. 
For some reason we have yellow limes and purple blueberry puree??? IDK
We enjoyed our Blueberry Mojitos with some of Robert's bros, a soon-to-be-SIL and friends. We like to share.
The base for the Mojitos comes from our traditional Mojito Recipe
To that we used: 
2C Fresh Blueberries, blended, strained, then added to pitcher with the rest of the mojito ingredients

They were very refreshing, delicious and added just a bit of tart to the sweet. 

Link up with Jessica so I can see how you used blueberries, or as Marie called them as a babe. "Blue-blues"
Check in with Anne and ask how the baby bump is coming along. 
This coming weekend we will be entertained by Jessica and her crew as they are coming to STL. Woohoo! Yes, I did mean, "we will be entertained" because she always brings the party with her. Hopefully we can double up for next weeks MI: Strawberries (I couldn't let the summer go by without including the quintessential berry) 
Go Fourth and Be Inspired!!


  1. I'm making this mojito recipe this weekend; you've convinced me!

    Also, strawberries are my favorite fruit, but I never seem to cook/bake with them. Maybe because we eat them too quickly around here??? I'm excited to try my hand at something new!

  2. I know what I'm making next week! It was in the Aug/Sept 2013 Cook's Country. See you soon!