Wednesday, August 28, 2013

MIM #13

MIM: Pickles
Yes, I know. A day late and a dollar short. Always. (and now, two days late)

When we are feeding a crowed, let's say, 30+. There are a few "go to" recipes we use to make life a bit less intense on those days. (Those days include, baptisms, bridal/baby showers ect.) Theses treasured recipes are make ahead but still need a bit of work the day of...and that's okay; because these recipes are AtotheWtotheE-SOME!! AWESOME! Yea! Yea! There're Awesome! GOOOooooOOO Team!

Now, that is what happens when you mix a sleep deprived mother and a key board. Okay, and how do I come back from that...(I was never a cheerleader. You can see why.)

Oh, Yes. Pickles and treasured make ahead recipes for a crowd. Let me pull out one of my trusty Cooks Country Magazines.
Cooks Country Magazine. Feb/March 2008
Inside is a scrumptious recipe for Chicago Style Italian Roast Beef. No, there is no pickles in this recipe, but you get to serve giardiniera on the side. YUM. We spruce up the hot giardiniera with a bit of mayonnaise. Pulse drained giardiniera (16oz bottle, reserve 1TBS brine) and 1TBS of mayo in a food processor about 15seconds. All you want is to mix the two ingredients into a paste. Put condiment into a serving container, add the brine, mix and serve with your sliced Italian Roast Beef. Oh. So. Good.

This giardiniera is from our local grocery store. However, if you want to support St. Louis' The Hill, home to Italian-American immigrants, whom settled there in the early 19th century, visit Di Gregorio's Italian Food Market and buy some of their giardiniera. The Hill is also home to many of our favorite Italian restaurants in all of St. Louis. If you are ever in the Lou and need a place to eat... we highly recommend many of the restaurants in the link!

If you read Jessica's MIM posted, you already know the following. This is our last MIM, for now. My intent was to put it out there and see how it goes. Thank you all for participating and I hope you enjoyed playing along. Maybe I'll throw something out there for the holidays. Who knows? Right now, I need to get some sleep because sick kids equates to NO sleep for a mom. True'dat!
Anne was hosting this week, I know her mother-in-law made something wonderful with pickles or hopefully she'll let us in on the adventure in her neck of the US. 
In other news, Anne and Mark will be visiting soon and Elise found this picture and insisted it is her Uncle Mark. Hope she won't be too disappointed. 

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