Monday, June 10, 2013

Mystery Ingredient Monday #2

I'm feel'n SUPER FLY!! (said with all kinds of swank and swagger that I don't possess) that this little-O-blog has recieved some attention from some BIG-O-bloggers. I will attribute it to my much more suave SIL's whom are literature extraordinaires. Thank you for helping this random idea become successful.
Last week Jessica kicked off the Mystery Ingredient Monday (MIM) with her choice of Cherries.
This week is my choice, so at the end of this post you will find our new Mystery Ingredient (MI).


I used these. Whole dried tart cherries

Robert has a keenness for cherries and since fresh ones aren't in season all year long, we buy the dried to get him through the other 9 months of the year. They are plump even though they're dried and have a sweetness to complement their tang. Usually we eat them out of the bag, by the handful like the primates we are... Yes, we have opposable thumbs.
I thought I would spice things up a bit. I have an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe that calls for coffee and pretzels, I figured adding cherries would bring a whole new level of YUM. So, I went with it. Robert did all my prep while I nursed the huge babe I birthed so he would be content while I played baker with the girls. 

Look how all the ingredients are showcased so beautifully. 
Boy oh boy does this photo come back to bite me in the-you-know-what!
My intent was to show the importance of prepping your ingredients, especially if you have children who want to help. Doesn't it look like I know what I'm doing? HA! Just wait...

Here's our end result. 
Good news. They taste great. 
Bad news.
1. They are a bit rubbery chewier than I like.
2. They aren't as fluffy as they should be.
3. You see the 2 WHOLE sticks of butter in the previous picture...
Yea. That didn't get prepped.
Soooo, the recipe calls for 14 Tablespoons of butter not 16 and well, since I thought all the ingredients were prepped, I didn't bother to double check the ingredient list. Also, I pulled the butter out and placed it on the counter so Robert thought I was going to prep it. Nope, sure didn't. I just started following the directions. Yup, I added all 16 Tablespoons of butter. Whoops! This is why I don't usually bake or cook. But hey, I thought I would be genuine and share my mistake, because well, you live and you learn. And humility helps us grow in virtue. Am I Right. Plus it does showcase the importance of prepping. 


Added bonus to this post curtsey of my husband and his mother, who both, decided to play along. A family that bakes together... Shares a lot of L O V E. Love. 

My Mother-In-Laws' entry
Jessica submitted this fun Cherry Clafoutis recipe last Monday when she announced Cherries as her MI. My Mother-In-Law equipped with her savvy William Sanoma Cherry Pitter  and some family friends gathered around and went to work on this fabulous dessert! I promise you. It was divine! 

My Husbands' entry
Because all the O'Brien's have a healthy sense of competitions. Robert had to throw down too. Well in reality he was baking it for the Catholicism DVD series we take part of once a month; it just happened to fall on this Sunday and he just happened to uses Cherries. Okay, okay, okay... He made other things for it too. But still. 
His recipe is from the April/May 2010 Cooks Country magazine.
 Titled: Cherry-Almond Coffee Cake.
I know, it even looks prettier than mine. Whatever.
Oh.My.Goodness! I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life but that sure won't help me shed the extra baby weight I'm still lugging. The great and all powerful, almighty, Culinary-Extraodinair, himself had a bit of difficulty with this recipe. This MIM has caused him to seek new heights. He has never worked with almond paste before, so that proved to be a challenge causing him to remake the cake.
He also warned that the recipe is written convoluted. The streusel and cake ingredients are combined in the list of ingredients; it's not until you read the directions you are instructed to separate certain ingredients. It was a lot of work, tasted awesome, but ultimately, a lot of work. 

If you would like me to post the cookie or coffe cake recipe, comment below or send me an email. I'll be happy to hook you up! Hope your endeavor was as eventful. Go link up with Jessica so we can see what you came up with. 

Now, I'm off to see what Jessica and Anne whipped up with Cherries

Stay tuned for next weeks post on what we did with... MINT! Yes, MINT. That is my MI choice this week. Feel free to play along. I'll host the link up next week, so see you back here on Monday. Go fourth and be inspired!


  1. My stomach is growling from all those recipes.
    And mint! Ha! I've got that covered!

  2. Dang. Mom's looks better than mine and Robert blew me out of the water. I prefer my cookies chewy so I bet I would have loved yours! Gotta get some mint now, goody!

    1. You're too kind about the cookies. Everything tastes better with butter. Right? I think yours turned out just as great! And, Robert...always to over achiever. ;)

  3. Anything from Cook's Country is amazing, smart hubby!

  4. I expect everyone to include lots and lots of mojitos! I love that everyone at home decided to play along!

  5. Everything looks delicious! I would love to have that cookie recipe to try--my father-in-law's sole criteria for staying in his good graces is to bake him cookies every now and then, and I'm always looking for something new in order to cement my status as "favorite daughter-in-law EVER" :)

  6. Mint! Love it! And, like Jessica says, I like my cookies chewy, so I know I'd love those!

  7. Love this recipe!!
    I found you through Cari's blog and clicked over....thank you for sharing. The mystery recipe idea is so cool! How clever.... I have this wonderful cherry cake recipe that I got out of a Betty Crocker dessert recipe book that is SO old. It's quite easy and festive looking when it's all done and being served... but I've not made it in a while and don't know if I will have the time to write it up to link...... great great recipes, linked...thank you!

    1. Thanks for joining us. Hope you have fun and participate. Even if you don't have time to blog about it. There are NO RULES! This week is Mint. So, even if you look at mint... it counts.