Monday, June 17, 2013

Mystery Ingredient Monday#3

Welcome to Mystery Ingredient Monday (MIM)

My Neighbor grows Mint in her yard and I can have some. BEST. NEIGHBOR. EVER!
 Last week I thought I was going to give you all something totally unexpected by choosing Mint, but I guess I'm just an ordinary girl. (Anne is choosing this weeks Mystery Ingredient, MI. Click here or here or here to visit her blog and get in on MIM! I'm so excited to discover what it is)

My one weakness in life is a stupendous  pedicure. I don't have time to keep up with a foot beautifying routine so I drive over to my favorite local Mani/Pedi salon. I go about once every 2-3 months. They always remember me, ask about my kids, if I don't have them with me, take great care of them if I do. And they have a statue of Mary in their salon. Winning!

Now for some Mint

Mint aromatherapy was in my foot basin..
Yea. You probably didn't want to see the blue colored mint foot basin.
The girls got a mini mani: picked their own color 
Marie's choice was gold... Maybe she was channelling her inner King Midas. I don't know?

Elise picked a more refined pink or  as Baby J would say "peent".

I ventured for something a bit summery with a wild orange... Cajun Shrimp per the OPI label. (Their polish names are so fun)
My youngest sister in law came a long and choose this blue. Unfortunately I forgot what it was called so, I'm going with Mrs. Peacock. 

Let's talk Mojito's; they're my one true weekness. I crave them every summer.

A phenomenal Mojito is so refreshing on hot sticky days here in the Lou. After some practice we (Robert and I) have come up with the prefect Mojito with a not-so-secret-secret ingredient that I will share with you.

A Clan's Tale Mojito 
(Pitcher Serves 8-10)

20 Fresh Mint Leaves
1 tsp Lime juice
2 Cups Rum
1/4 C homemade simple Mint syrup (secret ingredient)
36oz Club soda or tonic water
3 limes (squeezed and juice reserved) 

Mint Simple Syrup
5 Fresh Mint Leaves
1C water
1C sugar

Directions: Mint Simple Syrup
Add sugar and water to pot and bring to a boil, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Pull it off heat and add Mint and allow to cool. 
*since you only need about 1/4C of the syrup, refrigerate the rest and use for individual mojito's through the week. 

Directions: Mojito
Muddle 20 Mint leaves and 1 tsp of lime juice in a small container until mint is bruised and starts to excrete it's flavor. Add leaves and juices to a pitcher. Add Rum, simple syrup, club soda, and all remaining lime juice from the three limes. Mix, serve over ice and ENJOY! 

Looking forward to seeing what you came up with. Leave a comment below so I can check your blog since I didn't set up the inlikz, sorry. 
Now off to Anne and Jessica to see their Mint concoctions as well as the new MI. Let us go fourth and be inspired! See you next week at Annes' blog. Also, thanks for the prayers for my MIL's surgery. It went well but she has a long recovery, keep her in your prayers.

If you want to play along but don't have a blog, instagram or tweet it #mysteryingredient, or tag us in a facebook post about your dish so we can marvel your creativity! (Yup, I too yanked this from Anne's site.)


  1. Your daughters are adorable...and a mint mojito sounds awesome!

    I's mine:

  2. For a second, I thought you had pulled a fast one and that the entire post was going to be about pedis, but then again, "there are no rules" :) Put me down for some sisterly bonding time at the nail salon the next time we're back up north!

  3. I took my girls for pedis recently too! C got lilac, M got a turquoise, and I got "navy black" I think it's called No More Film. It's an Essie color. I'll only get mani/pedis in colors I own so I can do my own touch ups as they wear off. Control much?

  4. I can't wait to try your mojito recipe with the mint syrup :) Thanks for hosting!


    Mojitos forever!!!