Thursday, June 27, 2013

Theme Thursday: Black and White

Joining Cari and the gang for this weeks theme: Black and White

Here's how comical my life can be at times. 
Robert: What's this weeks theme Thursday?
Me: Black and White 
R: Why's everything gotta be about color?
M: Because, I ain't Paula Dean. I is what I is.** 
Funny? No? Too soon? Oh well. True conversation, thought I would share. 

On the rare occasion that all the kids go to bed in a timely fashion or at least the girls and our son isn't too needy, Robert and I get "alone time". During this cherished time we either watch a show together or do a "spousal project"; either way it usually contains a night cap of the cocktail sort, good conversation, and a chance to reconnect as husband and wife. We are learning that our time can NOT be black or white, all or nothing. There is a lot of grey; give and take, especially with children. So, we try really really hard to make the best of our time. 

Here are some of our projects:
Kids playroom 
I made the shadow boxes, picked out the frames and pictures and Robert did the detail work of hanging them. He insisted on measuring out everything to insure the proper spacing and alignment; whereas I would have winged it. He's a mathematical genius, subtracting and dividing fractions/mixed numbers all in his head, quickly and with precision.

The Singing Butlers
Sweet Shop
Puzzles are a new love for us. The Singing Butlers is my favorite. I just love that print and one day I will have a real one.
Home made pin board
Another weakness of mine is fabric. All the beautiful colors and textures. I wish I could sew but we might end up broke. This was a great project because I got to shop for fabric, and Robert used his mathematical skills to space the ribbon and affixed it with the upholstery pins. We work together with the exception of in the kitchen. 

I grew up knowing who this guy is. My dad was once a photographer in the making before he turned his attention to computer science. But the love for black and white photography lived within him and I think that is were my passion came from.
The great Ansel Adams

Now I'll leave you with the** King of Pop... who coincidentally passed away 4 years ago this week. 
MJ's Black or White

Go check out some real Black and White photography over at Clan Donaldson

** I am indifferent to Paula Dean and I only like some of MJ's songs... gasp! I know. 


  1. Awesome kids' playroom display! I have had a similar idea in my head and yet never pulled it off. Yours is done very nicely!

  2. Love the frame collage. I'm a fabric hoarder. Don't be judging.

  3. We have at home date night activities too! I love your frames! I would have winged it too.