Thursday, June 20, 2013

Theme Thursday: Water

Joining the FUN with Cari and the gang for another round of themes.

"Water.,Water, Everywhere. Water near and far. Let's use our hands and feet to count how many kinds there are." 
Part of a this book. It's one of our favorites. Yes, I have no shame; this book is memorized. 

Seriously, Water is the most amazing chemical compound ever. Am I the only one to marvel over water and how it's necessary to our existence and how many functions it has? From the percentage of water to land on Earth, to the droplets of water running off ones head at baptism, to the soaked swimsuits after a day of play, it knows no bound. It's key and sometimes a catastrophic mess. Like when your 10 month old thinks the running bath water is for him and he stands on tip toes to reach the said running water and drenches himself in the process. Or, when the toddler of the house is learning how the toilet works and said toddler over flows the toilet so water dains to unwanted areas. (Or, this one time at band camp...just kidding) I know we all have those kinds of stories, so let's revel in the finer joys of water. 

I had the great pleasure of witnessing my BFF (since middle school) daughters' Baptism on Sunday. 

My BFF and her baby girl. I love the droplets of baptismal water!

Sin is washed away and the pathway to other sacraments are laid. It's a beautiful moment. 

Later in the day, my lazy self pulled out the sprinkler, instead of the ultra cool pool that needed to be re-blown up and filled with water so the girls could play. AND, play they did.
Marie and Elise 
I know it's beach toys and we don't have a beach, but they are okay with that. All purposes intended, they had a good time. 

I slacked this week, I know. My plan was to do this really stellar parallelism about water and baptism and life but life happened and my writing is VERY limited. We have one computer in the house, which is in the living room and anytime I use it, the kids take the opportunity to invade the small territory known as MY LAP. Since I'm a lover not a fighter...I don't bother leading them into the temptation.

GoGoGO! Check out Clan Donaldson  and see what Cari and the others did for this weeks round of Themes. Dying to know what next month will bring. 


  1. I am a total sucker for baptism pictures. They're always so amazing.

  2. Baptism is wonderful! I like it when it is part of the mass so that we can all renew our vows. Sprinklers aren't lazy! They are multi-taskers!

  3. The sprinkler sounds like my perfect kind of day! I am with you on the wonder of water, you didn't need to go on anymore, the pics do say it all.

  4. Love that adorable sprinkler photo! And also love the use of the Baptism photo for the water theme. :)

  5. Water is amazing, isn't it? I am continually fascinated by it. :-)

  6. Great photos. I especially love the ones of the girls with the sprinkler. It brings a smile to my face. :-)