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Our Love Story Pt. 1

A good love story is always a pleasure to read. It makes me feel like we (Robert and I) aren't the only ones who have found soul mates and are now living in such marital bliss. The world needs more Simace and Annark's (yes Anne, I went there, sorry. Not sorry). So, I'm linking up with Grace at Camp Patton to present to you...

Our Story: Part 1

The first time I laid eyes on him (Robert), I was too busy to appreciate his true beauty. Sure, the guy I saw standing before me was attractive but the hustle and bustle of lunch rush at Bread Co needed my attention far greater than the guy snagging my clip board without explanation of who he was and what he thought he was doing with said clip board. I hastily grabbed it from his one handed grip. Snakily asked what he thought he was doing, gave a very overly exaggerated and very obnoxious eye roll, furrowed my brows and promptly marched my little But mighty self down to the sandwich line. I remember looking back and feeling a bit of remorse. I was a tad rude and he did seem to know some of the crew I was working with. Plus he was handicapped. Well not in the way you are probably thinking, so allow me to clarify. His right hand was bandaged up real nice and tight. Hence, why I pulled that clipboard from a one handed grip. (The hand injury becomes an integral part of Our Story, so you'll have to keep reading to discover how). Anyway, Mr. Handsome and all his God-given cuteness, and fragrance of something from heaven was out the door and out of my life as soon as a took a second glance back. Oh, well. No loss to me I thought. You see, I was in the mist of this whole discovering who I was and therefore didn't want any man in my life at that particular time. So, playing nice with the opposite sex was not my strong suit. 

Sooner rather than later, in walked Mr. Handsome with his hand still bandaged. Instead of downing his jeans and black leather jacket as before, he was sporting a polo shirt and asking for my boss. Crap! Guess who worked at "my" Bread Co back in his teenage days and knew people? Guess who was working with me now. Nice Tasha. Real smooth. (Like butter)

Our work days didn't really over lap and he went to another location to help out so I didn't find myself thinking of him until mid December (2003). Somehow we ended up working a lot of the same shifts. He was playful and charming. Upbeat, fun, and a bit cocky obnoxious. I was warned by a female employee who had worked with him in his teenage years that he was indeed cocky, conceded and arrogant. I should stay away. This struck me odd. Why would she warn me. After all, I still didn't want to date anyone and I was positive I wasn't giving off the impression I did. It was true, his presence did make my work day go by faster but we had no real conversation going. I knew nothing of his life nor he knew nothing of mine. We made no attempts to connect in a manner that would make one believe we were interested in each other. Or so I thought. Looking back at his shenanigans; I can see how they may have been portrayed as flirtatious. To me though, they were annoying. Like, when he started pushing buttons on my register while I was taking a customers' order simultaneously calling me short. Or, holding things above my head and giving a sly smile that just beckoned my inner attitude to strike out. He was frustrating and annoying and little by little he began to break down a Huge wall. He was rarely serious. Always humorous. And plain good o' fun.
(A note from Robert per reading this. He assured me his one attempted at flirting was a failure and that was all he needed to know. No further pursuing was attempted). 

One day we found ourselves in a short conversations and the topic of his sisters' wedding came about; he mentioned he would be taking some time off, which prompted me to wonder out loud if he would be returning to work before the company Christmas Party? Or, if he was at least planning on attending? He said he would be back well before the company party (which was in the middle of January and still a good four weeks away). He promptly countered with the same question he just left unanswered. Was I planning on going to the company Christmas party? For awhile I tried to convince myself that I was just being polite by asking him if he was attending, even though I felt some conniving part of my psyche answer his question. 
"I don't think I'll be up for the Christmas Party. I'm not seeing anyone so I wouldn't have a date. Plus, I'm more the introverted type". 
That was pretty much the extent of the conversation. He didn't offer to take me nor did he encourage me to go. So, convinced I was that my polite conversation was just that. Polite conversation between two human beings. 

I don't believe we saw each other again until he returned to work; which was after the new year, yet prior to the company Christmas Party. I recall him entering the office I occupied during my shift to collect a paycheck and once again we engaged in polite conversation. I inquired about Christmas and his sisters' wedding. He must have felt more obliged to chat this time around because he squatted down and made himself quite comfortable in the tiny space. I remember looking into the depth of his brown eyes, not in a, "I'm falling for you kind of way", but more of a "WOW! He's passionate about his family" kind of way.  His eyes lit up as he spoke of his family/siblings in from out of town for Christmas and the wedding. He had such charisma while describing the little kids on Christmas and how much fun was had by all. It was then in that moment I saw him for the first time. I was able to appreciate his true beauty. I knew in that fleeting moment he was going to take me to the Christmas Party. And, he was going to think it was his idea! 

Don't get me wrong. I still had NO desire to date, but there was something about him that I wanted to discover. I figured the Christmas Party would be a perfect group setting as to not give him any ideas that I was interested in something more than getting to know one another. So, over the course of a few weeks, we managed to make a little more effort at the small talk. I danced around the Christmas Party topic with such fluidity that one would think me to be a World Renowned Ballerina. I kept asking about his stance on the subject; he would throw it back at me trying to get a read on whether or not he should bite the bullet and ask. Finally he suggested we ride together. Great. Then, not so great. "Our boss" decided she wanted to car pool with us. Awkward!? 

January 18, 2004. NOT OFFICIAL DATE to the company Christmas Party. 
The three of us corralled ourselves into his little red Honda Civic. Who do you think got thrown in the back...Hand Raised. Yup. "Our Boss" had known him since he was 16 and was so excited he came back to work for her. She had lots to catch up with him about. In efforts to not make me feel more of a three legged dog than what I was beginning to feel like; Robert tossed me his CD cases and suggested I pick something. I'm sorry, I just didn't know half of the bands in his Proud and Exstensive collection, but you know how did? Yup! You guessed it. *"Our Boss".*
As I sat in the back trying to hear the conversation about the bands over the loud music that "Our Boss" selected, I increasingly felt isolated and wondered why I put myself in this position. I was relieved when we arrived at our destination. I was looking forward to mingling with some people I knew, maybe having a drink and then getting myself out on the dance floor because this girls likes to dance! I figured Robert would wonder off and get chummy with old acquaintances, but he didn't. Instead, as we walked in, he was every bit the gentleman and focused his atrention onto me. I guess he was interested after all and my sulking self was yelling "get over it". Yes, I am quick to allow a hiccup in my plans to ruine a perfectly good time if I am not careful, but this time. This time was different. I wasn't going to scuffle my little self off and leave him in the dust. Nope. I was going to have a good time...with him. 

To be continued... 

Robert and me, Oct. 2004. How'd we get here?

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