Thursday, July 25, 2013

Theme Thursday:Askew

      Joining Cari At Clan Donaldson  for this weeks theme. 

You can thank my kind hearted husband who is alway good for a laugh. This is his idea of fun and wit because he knows it drives me all kinds of bat-crap-crazy! When we first married and had to sleep in the same bed. There was a lot to adjust to. Like his snoring..thank you CPAP for taking that obnoxious sound away. Then there is the fact he will get into bed and mess the blankets up. On purpose. Because he know my OCD will kick in... I've become his "lab rat" as he practices, without a license, Psychopathology techniques on me in efforts to cure my psychosis. After 6 1/2 years of marriage. It. Still. Drives. Me. Insane! 

Here's how this plays out. 
I come to bed and straighten the sheet, quilt, and pillows. He comes to bed. Kicks them all around. Pulls my side of the blankets off of me. I get up, readjust all the covers. If he is daring, as in, he believes I may not stuff a soiled diaper in his pillowcase, he will askew the blankets again. I know it's all his obnoxious loving way of being flirtatious. I guess he gets points for knowing when he may get the diaper and not push me too far too often. 

Guess which side of the bed is his?

Now go check out Cari and all the other linkers to see much prettier pictures and probably stories!



  1. Haha!!! Me and my hubby are just the opposite! I love the crumbly sheets!

  2. Why do husbands find that sort of thing funny? My hubby is the same way.

  3. Your relationships sounds fun and flirtatious. As long as he knows his limits. :)