Monday, July 29, 2013

MIM #9

Oak Glenn Winery (photos from our 2006 visit)
Wine. Whine. Grapes. Red. White. Vineyard. Drank. Ate. Purchased. Cooked. Baked. Thought of.
However you used or interpreted last weeks MI, wine, I hope it was F to the UN! 

I have been SO spoiled by visiting Missouri's beautiful *rolling hills* that bare fruit made for fermenting, that I've been pining for days of old. Where folks weren't slaves to time and landscapes were painted on the daily to achieve perfection in complex view points such as these. All while sipping on wine produced in their very own vineyard.

Stone Hill Winery ('06 visit)
Oak Glenn, tell me those photos don't make you want to go back in time
My BBF, myself and Robert IV at Sugar Creek Winery
Last weekend, the weekend of July 21st 2013, we celebrated my BFF's 30th birthday at Sugar Creek. This celebration in conjuntion with the previous weekends' endevour to our favorite winery, Adam Puchta , is what inspired my MI choice of wine. From the photos above, how could I not be inspired! Throw in my husbands new fond love for Jacques Pepin's French cuisine and well... you have all the inspiration this Clan needed to make a dish fit for a Lord. 

Robert found a Provencal Braised Beef  recipe and we made it together. It was right up my alley. Not. Time. Sensitive. We preped and marinated the meat on Saturday, it took no time at all because everything was quarterd. On Sunday, early afternoon, we made up the gravy which was the most time consuming aspect of the dish. We then placed the meat and gravy into the oven and let it cook for a few hours. The aroma filled the house with scents of fall and though warm weather is my favorite, there's nothing more cozy then the smells and feelings of fall with out the cold! This was my Utopia! 

We served the sish with a side of roasted carrots and potatoes along with our famous Margaret's Rolls

base for marinade

meat scored and fat salt prepped

alcohol used 

Entire bottle of wine from above photo went in

Making the rue for the gravy then meat went back into dutch oven

Our Gravy/Fat Separator was hard at work
finished beef provencal and wine served with dinner
I could tell you we didn't drink or celebrate our way through this weekend but that would be False. 
Date night Thursday, Poker night Friday, Meat & Potatoes Saturday @the in-laws for a going back to collage shindig and More Meat & Potatoes for Sundays family dinner with some close friends. Total Blast. If only my babe slept better I wouldn't feel so exhausted. 

I don't know if Jessica will be participating this week since she is in Michigan but Anne is choosing next weeks MI. Check'm!

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  1. Finally linking up. Red meat and wine, what could be better? Great minds and all that.

    P.S. I think you may have pasted the code for the link up a few times too many, if I were my husband, I could talk you through how to fix it. :)

    1. Maybe your husband could call me? I tried to fix it in HTML format and deleted my entire post of which I had to recreate this morning. UGH! Yes, there were tears and then I realized I hadn't closed out my Blogger app that I do ALL my typing on...and wouldn't you know, My guardian angle was looking out for me and all was saved including obnoxious quadruple link. I'll take what I can get though.

  2. Aack! Blogger ate my comment! Great meat weekend! Though I didn't cook or link up anything with wine, I drank plenty of the Charles & Charles Bad ass Rose from Costco. It says "Bad Ass" on the box. I swear to catch when I get home next week. Mwah!