Thursday, July 18, 2013

Theme Thursday: Bright

Looking on the Brighter Side!
Joining Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday

Last weekend I had such high expectations that inevitably led to me having to admit defeat and look to the brighter side. It wasn't horrible by any stretch of the imagination; just didn't go how I wanted it to. 

Usually I can come up with a litany of ALL the things I can NOT sleep through the night, do the dishes without Lil'Man clambering onto the dishwasher, or have an exclusive husband/wife date...Or, focusing on all the things I Can do but Really Don't want to; like, laundry, cleaning the house, nursing Sir Chubbily PoopsALot for the hundredth time (it's only at the hundredth that becomes exasperating) instead of focusing on ALL the things I CAN do. Like, be a stay home mom, love and teach my kids, feed my kids, walk and talk at the same time just to list some of the essentials. To say the least, I do a poor job at looking at the brighter side of things sometimes. I'm working on it.  

So, when we had tire issues two days in a row on two different cars, while on our way to do something fun... I almost cried. Okay fine, I shed a tear or two and reminded myself that God would say..."Why not you". But, seriously... two different car-tire issues in two days? Really!

Saturday: Family Fun Day @Grant's Farm
Oh, except we didn't make it there because by the time I got everyone ready and fed and into the SUV, we discovered the flat tire.  Robert fills the slow leaking tire and we drive to Grant's Farm to discover a 1/4 mile of stopped cars just to get into the actual parking lot. Grant's Farm = Foiled
Moving on and adjusting to the new idea of not getting my way.

Looking on the brighter side. We can still do something fun as a family. Just NOT what I wanted. Yes, we made the best of it and hit up this Sugar Shack place for a puppet show and candy then walked to the local Farmer's Market. It was a great time together.  

Sunday: Husband/Wife Winery Date @Our Favorite Winery: Adam Puchta
My parents wanted to take our girls for the afternoon, so Robert and I decided to take the Lil' Man on a scenic dive (1 1/2 hrs away) to our favorite Winery. 
The plan: I got up early and went to mass, Robert was going to 11:30 while I fed the girls lunch and got them down for a short nap before my parents picked them up. Everything was going to plan, until Robert calls me to tell me he needs a new tire. There's a small whole in it. No, it won't retain any air. Oh. And he missed Mass because of it. Tears Shed. Winery date ruined. The whole world is going to end. We both were looking forward to an after/evening of fun together. 

Looking on the brighter side. After some phone calls to my MIL and tire shops, we have a new plan. It's not the plan I wanted but it would work. No, we couldn't check out the other wineries in the area and no, we wouldn't have time for a fancy dinner before Robert needed to be back for a 7:30pm Spanish Mass. But, we could still go to our favorite winery and we found a Sears that carried the tire we needed for Robert's car. We could drop off the car and pick it up later in the evening. 

Getting to the winery. CHECK
Find/replace tire. CHECK
Girls still going to have fun with grandparents. CHECK
Lil'Man going to sleep the whole way to winery. CHECK
Robert can still get to Mass even with the winery trip. CHECK 

See me looking on the brighter side?!

See Sir Chubbily looking of the brighter side at said winery?!  Yippee for all the things I CAN DO! 
Check out how everyone else interpreted todays Bright theme.


  1. That beautiful baby would make anyone's day brighter :)

    1. Thank you Coleen! You are so kind. And yes, he is soo adorable and cute and all things good!

  2. Oh my golly! Eat him up! He's a love!

    I've always wanted to go to a winery; you've inspired me to make that happen, sooner rather than later!

  3. We have that same elephant collared onesie, it's a cute one!! Sir Chubbily is a bright spot, but it sounds like you were able to find all the bright easily.